Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paradise Sale and More Dec. 7-15

The Paradise Artisan Sale before our customers showed up.

Jeani, still setting out her wares.

Jo Katona Brown and just a little of her beautiful jewelry


Jill Hart--"Nana Hart" homemade goat-milk products and gift baskets.

Browsing and listening to music.

Paradise has talent! Dale, Erin and Jake Major.

Christy and David Holmes work.

Christy and Jill visit.

Wow, it's been a busy week as a potter. Last Wednesday and Thursday friends helped me put flyers in newspaper boxes throughout Paradise. We'd already put up flyers. I still had a glaze firing cooling in the kiln. Friday night I met Christy Holmes down at the Paradise Town Hall and we set up tables and brought our work in. Saturday morning the rest of the vendors came and we finished setting up. It was a great day, with good sales, and fun entertainment. Christy brought a big pot of soup that really hit the spot. Besides the money that I earned I made some great trades at the Paradise Market and at the Winter's Gift Market. I traded for soaps, lotion, honey products, and jam. We'll do the Paradise Market again at the end of May during the Fire Department's Breakfast for Memorial Day. I enjoyed meeting new friends too.

We finished up the Monday night classes this week and had a lot of glazing to do. The pots are all in the kiln cooling off and I hope to take some photos before they disappear.

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