Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I love functional pottery!

(Click on photo for more) It's been tough keeping my studio warm these days, but I've still managed to make some new things. It's a great day when I can spend time in the studio, it's an even better day when it's above 50 degrees in there.
 This one has a two-tone blue design on  speckled tan background. 

I really do love making functional ware. Back in the old days when I was a student, functional ware wasn't what was on my mind. But now it's been over thirty years since my days in the Art Barn at USU. And it thrills me when someone buys my work to use in their kitchens. That way I can imagine them stirring a batch of muffins in a batter bowl, or emptying their utensil drawer into one of my jars. There something aesthetically pleasing about using a piece of art at the dinner table.


 Lately I've been making honey jars. I have friends who produce honey. We buy honey. We use honey, so I began making these jars. They hold over a pint and run around 32.00

 These little pitchers hold about a pint. Great for serving syrup or sauce. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and sturdier than my pulled handles.

Great soup or chili mugs. 16.00 each 
Still a favorite. My batter bowls are great for mixing or serving . They run from 35.00 to 45.00 depending on size.