Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Student Work for 2011

I admit I'm obsessed with this cat. His name is Big Kitty. I got him as a Christmas present from the Erickson girls around seven years ago.

Two moose, a snail, a hippo, and a dragon.

Isn't he gorgeous. This was made by a 15 year old boy.

Here's the work in the kiln.

This moose was made with speckled buff clay (Cone 5) wrapped around a balloon and the parts added. He was bisque-fired to 06. Details were emphasized with iron brown oxide and dipped in clear. Fired to cone 6.

The last time we met for the year was Dec. 12th, but I tried to take some photos before the students filtered in to retrieve their work. My phone died before I finished, but you'll get the idea. Here's the table of work. The baskets were made by cutting strips of clay and criss-crossing them with slip inside of a bisque-fired thrown bowl. I forgot to have the students flatten the bottom and they are a bit tippy. This photo shows a variety of work we made over a 5-week period.

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