Thursday, June 7, 2012

This, That, and Sa in Carole's Studio

I'm working pretty hard in the studio to get ready for Summerfest and keep up with the Cache Valley Gardener's Market and the Wheeler Historic Farm. Of course I always take time out for walks, hikes, and bike rides and writer's meetings. This week Sa (from Thailand) came back to the studio to try one more time to throw a 12" cylinder. He worked at in for at least a half an hour and couldn't get it past 11 inches. For some reason after 11" his cylinder just couldn't get any higher. He finally asked for me to try and I was able to get it to 12 inches. I've been doing pottery for 35 years, so yeah it's not a big deal for me. Sa started doing pottery less than 9 months ago and could only work on it during his classes in high school. As an exchange student from Thailand, he'd never thrown pottery before coming here. He also hadn't done other types of artwork and yet won a high school competition in painting and his work was featured on the front page of Cache Magazine two weeks ago. He's a happy, extremely determined young person. He goes home to Bangkok on Sunday. What an inspirational guy. I wish him the best, but he won't need my well wishes--he'll go far in life.
On a walk near home

In my studio with freshly made pottery

Sa beginning his 12 " cylidner

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